Providing Some Useful Tips to Eliminate Secondhand Smoking

Tobacco Smokers Vs Secondhand Smokers

Non smoking

If you like to smoke, but want to keep smoking at a low level and reduce harm, cigarettes are a very bad choice for you. They are designed to be maximum addictive and they are the most harmful kind of tobacco use. As many people can testify, a few cigarettes now and then quickly turns into a pack a day when addiction sets in.

Many people are acutely aware of the dangers of smoking and they do all they can to avoid smoking and be on the safe side. It is only a very small percentage of the population who are oblivious of the dangers of smoking. However, much as people may be aware of the negative effects of smoking and are quite mindful of their health. There are those people who don’t know that there are very prone to the effects of smoking though they themselves are not smokers. These are called passive smokers. Sometimes these passive smokers are known to inhale as much cigarette smoke as the active smokers. All efforts are being put in place to curb the effects of this second hand smoke.

What are the most notable efforts?

Most of the smoking usually happens in the public places and this is where people are exposed to the second smoke. As it has been established the second hand smoke carries with a lot of toxic materials that’s why it is very important to avoid it all costs. You will realize that those who are exposed to this smoke get as much smoke as those who are not smoking. One of the recommendations to curb this menace is to ban smoking in all the public places.

This can be effectively done by involving the government as well as forming a lobby group that will campaign against public smoking. Lobby groups are usually very strong when it comes to driving a point home. The government on the other hand can be very effective as it will impose heavy fines on the law breakers. In some instances special places are designated for those people who are smokers. This is usually a place which is far away from the general public.

What are the dangers of second hand smoke?

Another thing that will curb this effect of second hand smoke is to drum up support from the media. All the media should carry out a campaign on the dangers of second hand smoke.

Another thing is to increase the price of the tobacco products. All these tobacco products should have their prices hitting the ceiling. When this is done, it will curb the proliferation of these tobacco products. It will make getting the products a very daunting task especially among the youth. As these products become scarce very few people will engage themselves in this habit of smoking.

Are pregnant mothers and those with nursing babies in danger?

Many health related studies have shown that the pregnant mothers are very much like to pass second hand smoke to their unborn child. Still the mothers who are nursing infants if they are smokers are very much likely to pass this second hand smoke to their infant children. There are many extensive studies that also shown that these children are very prone to the effect of the second hand smoke. In fact a lot of infant mortality has been associated with smoking mothers. These mothers therefore seem to the loose end in fighting the second hand smoke. A counseling session is therefore recommended to all mothers on the dangers of smoking as it will have adverse effects on their children. Second hand smoke should therefore be curbed at all cost as it is a terrible health menace.

Compared to cigarette smoking – pipe smoking could be a better alternative for anyone who don’t want to inhale pipe smoke, which is both less harmful and less addictive. You might also like to try vaping, if you like to inhale and are able to get your hands on the best box mod in the UK.

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