Why is Rising the Popularity of Vaping Among Youth?

According to CNN article e-cigarette use by high school students between 2011 to 2015 increased by 900% in the USA.

Here are some facts:

More and more adults trying to quit smoking around the World.

Using e cigarettes are helping people quit smoking better than any other methods they may have tried.

Many tobacco smokers who smoked for 10-15 years after try vape pen experience healthier life without head ache that caused the nicotine.

These people tried cold Turkey, the patch and the gum. They lasted 2 days.

It’s their hobby. They make their own juice and build their own setups and these people really enjoy everything about it.

They know it’s going to have some unwanted effects but it’s no where close to being as toxic as a tobacco cigarette.

Some report says e pipes possibly 95% less toxic than cigarettes and the most important thing is that millions are giving up cigarettes.

You need to take responsibility as a parent

Statistics show that tennage vape use is on the rise, teenage cigarette use is on the decline as well teenage alcohol use.

Teenage is a time when you start experimenting with the world around you.

They drink and smoke weed and engage in risky behavior because that’s what teens do. If there is a problem with teenagers vaping then let’s have the parents take responsibility. You have to be an adult to purchase.

But if they can get their hands on drugs they will figure out a way to get anything. Again this is that point where parents need to look after their children more thoroughly.

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